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tai chi 1bNSW Seniors Week is upon us yet again and we think it’s time to come and join one of SHARE’s many classes!  What better way is there to maintain your health and wellbeing, than to become a part of affordable, accessible and innovative exercise classes run in your local community? Research shows us that exercise is important for everyone as it increases your chances of leading a healthy and independent life due to improved strength, functional ability, balance and bone density. As well as all these physical benefits, our fitness programs also provide the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. We want to promote staying independent and active, participating in balance and strength exercises and reducing your risk of falling. In order to do so, as part of NSW Senior’s Week SHARE will be running Tai Chi, Zumba and Falls Prevention Stepping On classes with Rockdale Community Council. For more details contact SHARE head office on (02)9533 4422 or email reception@share.org.au. Go ahead and empower yourself by joining a class today, and realise your potential for better health and well being.

Take the Healthy Ageing QUIZ

The quiz aims to provide older adults with an opportunity to assess their current state of health using an evidence-based and user-friendly method.
It draws together the latest research findings regarding healthy and positive ageing strategies.

Healthy Aging Quiz

Outdoor Gyms

More and more each year you may have noticed that local councils have caught on to the idea of installing outdoor gyms for their local community. Not only does this provide an increased opportunity for those to try the ‘gym’ equipment without the cost of a gym membership, the benefits of using them are enormous, particularly for the older population.

Recently an outdoor gym was installed at the Arthur Byrne Reserve at Maroubra Beach with some of the pieces of equipment designed specifically for the older community to increase their strength, balance and coordination, which in turn helps reduce the risk of a fall.

Usually the equipment at an outdoor gym includes easy to read instructions and if you ever wanted to go and try an outdoor gym, but not too sure how long to use it or how to get started, the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Health Promotion Service has just published a ‘How to Guide’ for people who are interested in getting some tips on using an outdoor gym.

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Stepping On

Stepping On is an exciting, friendly and FREE 7 week community program run by South East Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service in conjunction with SHARE SMR Inc. The program will provide senior members of the community with information on how to reduce their risk of falling and maximise their independence at home. Local health professionals and invited guests present this program. For more information please call (02)9533 4422 or email info@share.org.au

Courses & Training

Simply Seniors is a CEC Accredited Course for all Fitness Instructors and leaders. This program educates Instructors on simple aerobic routines for seniors, falls prevention, core strength, how to put the fun back into classes, safe & effective stretching and resistance training with bands. To register call SHARE on (02)9533 4422.