What participants say

Participant Feedback

All over the inner west and southern suburbs of Sydney, people are enjoying SHARE classes and experiencing improved health, fitness and well being.

But you don’t need to take our word for it! Read what SHARE participants have to say about the classes they attend.

It’s an excellent organisation, especially in providing education and exercise opportunities for older people and the prices are very affordable!” – Helen Coleman, 2013 Participant

I first joined SHARE aqua classes to correct a bad knee and to try to do without anti-inflammatory medication. My teachers are very professional and friendly. I’ve met many nice people and we’ve become very friendly; we have lots of laughs. I no longer rely on any drugs and I believe I am very fit and active for my 72 years. I wish I’d found SHARE earlier!”. -Janet Totten, Participant of 2 years

I had both hips replaced and earlier this year I had a bad fall fracturing my pelvis and could only return to exercises after rehabilitation. The water exercises help with my mobility and the recovery process greatly. My class leader is excellent, friendly and has a great sense of humour. I look forward to meeting the group each week. Thanks to SHARE for giving us the opportunity of improving our lifestyle”. – Margaret Smith, Participant of 2 years

Friendship abounds in the class and my health and well being have improved. I have trust in the leader for her expertise in knowing what is achievable in the class. A little harder version is introduced each week; before you know it you’re doing the harder version. I can meet the challenge even at 80 years of age”. -Myra McLachlan, Participant of 15 years

I am always enjoying our class, it really makes a difference to my health! My instructor is great!” – Liliane Antoniades, 2013 Participant

I began SHARE classes to strengthen my bones and muscles. The location is convenient and I find the class challenging. The class leader is friendly and has a very good level of expertise. I have a lot of trust in her. I feel great satisfaction. The exercises have improved my bone strength greatly”. – Dulcie Kain, Participant of 12 years

I was advised by my doctor to do weight bearing exercises as I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and an arm injury. The exercises have improved my fitness and movement. The class leader is extremely professional, friendly and reliable with a very high level of expertise”. – Jean Bunce, Participant of 4 years


Testimonials for Stepping On @ Menai Community Centre

“It’s more than just the exercises; I learnt things from each session because all the guest speakers were so informative and interesting. I felt like I had gained new friends from this group when Isabella gave me a big hug when I walked in”.– Wendy Brown

“The program was interesting because other people talked about things that happened to them. After the O.T presentation I went to Bunning’s to purchase a sensor light for the toilet; now I feel a lot safer at night, which is great!” – Judith Partlin

“You can always learn something new. I need to come to these group sessions to get motivated to do the exercises & be part of a class to learn & exercise together.” – Isabella Flannery

“I have enjoyed the program immensely”. – Pauline Welsh

“Thanks to everyone at SHARE, the team have all been so wonderful during this process to get Mum and Dad to Hydrotheropy Classes. “ – Alfia Williams