Health professionals

Health Professionals

Research shows that being physically active increases a person’s chances of leading a healthy and independent life due to improved strength, functional ability, balance, bone density and general well-being. Regular exercise can reduce cardiovascular risk factors and help reduce risk factors for falls and fractures. There is a great need in the community and our programs are designed to provide a healthy lifestyle and we are strategically focused in delivering this service. It is of great benefit for older people to have easily accessible and affordable exercise programs available within the community.

If you are a Health Professional and you believe that your patient is in need of physical exercise please refer them to SHARE today!

No referral letter is necessary to refer a patient to SHARE. Simply print out and fill in the Pre-Activity Questionnaire below and have your patient send the original copy to the SHARE Head Office.

Pre-Activity Questionnaire

Falls Prevention

Research also displays that regular exercise – especially strength training and Tai Chi – significantly reduces the risk of falling among older adults. Every year, one in three people aged 65 years or older experiences a fall.

A fall can result in serious injury, loss of confidence and dependence on community services and supports. Fall-related injuries cost NSW Health $333 million annually. By 2050, the cost of fall-related injuries to NSW Health will reach an estimated $645 million.

SHARE also facilitates Stepping On Programs which offer older people a way of reducing falls and at the same time increasing self confidence in situations where they are at risk of falling.

Falls are a serious problem, but can be prevented at any age.

This program, which was developed in Australia and been implemented in the USA and internationally is considered to be one of the most effective falls prevention programs available, giving people the confidence to undertake their everyday activities safely. Participation in a program like Stepping On will help older people maintain independence and give them confidence in their mobility so they are able to undertake their everyday activities safely and without the risk of falling.

The Stepping On program incorporates a group setting plus individualized follow-up. It covers a range of issues, including falls and risk, strength and balance exercises, home hazards, safe footwear, vision and falls, safety in public places, community mobility, coping after a fall, and understanding how to initiate a medication review.

For more information or for expressions of interests please call SHARE on (02) 8580 0628.