Gentle Aqua

Gentle Aqua

Gentle Aqua classes are an excellent follow-up to physiotherapy or rehabilitation and a safe form of exercise for people with limited mobility and joint or muscle pain.

The water (heated at 33 Degrees Celsius), has a relaxing effect on the body and can decrease blood pressure, tension and pain and allows you to move and work at your own pace.

This class includes a warm-up, aerobics, strength, balance, cool-down and stretching exercises. Swimming skills are not required for these classes.


    If you have any of the conditions listed below, this class is NOT suitable.

    • Incontinence
    • An infection, such as urinary tract/eye or ear/thrush
    • Increased temperature or fever
    • An acute cardiac condition
    • An open wound such as a skin tear, ulcers or sutures, or tinea
    • Very high or unstable blood pressure
    • Shower either at home or at the Moran Pool Centre prior to entering the pool.
    • Avoid wearing any powder or moisturisers on your body, as you enter the pool (this will affect the waters pH levels, and being a tiled area, any product on your feet may increase the floors slipperiness).
    • Any wound must be covered. Strictly no bandages/ bandaids are to be worn unless they are water resistant/ water tight.
    • No powders are to be used in the shower/ bathroom facilities as this can make the floor slippery and unsafe.
    • Ensure you bring water (hydrotherapy pools can be dehydrating)
  • What to bringOpen or Close
    • Your swimming costume – wear this to the pool to reduce changing time
    • A towel or a towel dressing gown to keep you warm while waiting for the shower (you must have a quick rinse in the shower before and after pool use)
    • Rubber soled aqua shoes or thongs to wear in the showers and around the pool
    • A t-shirt or singlet if you feel the cold, this will help you stay warm in the water
    • A change of clothes for after the class
    • A bottle of water
  • Duration & CostOpen or Close
    • Duration: 45 Min Class
    • Cost: $9.50 per class (classes must be paid for in full in advance)
  • VenuesOpen or Close
    • Camperdown – RPA Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
    • Campsie – Canterbury Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
    • Kogarah – St George Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool
    • Sylvania – Moran Aged Care Facility