HARE offers a range of exercise classes to suit everyone’s needs and abilities.

Choose from pool-based exercise (Gentle Aqua Fitness), resistance training (Fitter & Stronger), low impact aerobics (Active & Fit), stretching and relaxation (Stretch, Strength and Relax), deeper relaxation (Relax & Unwind), improving balance (Falls Prevention), or the peaceful and flowing movements of Tai Chi.

Active & Fit

This lightly choreographed aerobic class is good for people who want to exercise at an even pace with low impact. You will strengthen the heart and lungs and improve muscle tone, agility and balance.

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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics engages the body to continuously move to keep its balance in water. Moving in water engages more muscle fibers because of the water’s consistent resistance.

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The Feldenkrais Method® facilitates learning through lessons that explore movement, posture and breathing.

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Fitter & Stronger

The Fitter and Stronger class is a good way to challenge your total body fitness while you’re having fun. These classes are designed to improve your strength, fitness, flexibility & balance.

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Gentle Aqua

This is an excellent class to follow-up physiotherapy or rehabilitation, and a safe form of exercise for people suffering from osteoporosis. It is also ideal if you are overweight or suffering from joint pain.

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Gentle Exercise

A low impact exercise class for people with diminished fitness levels.

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Relax & Unwind

This class includes a slow flowing warm up followed by a long relaxation component incorporating breathing exercises. Benefits include improved flexibility, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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Specialised Classes

We are pleased to offer a number of specialised classes to help keep you active, independent and strong. These classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the participants.

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Strength, Stretch & Relax

This class includes an easy warm-up, whole body strength and stretching exercises, balance and relaxation. Strength, Stretch & Relax classes are a great way to improve muscle strength, balance and range of movement.

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Strong & Active

The Strong & Active class is a more intense workout class which includes a warm-up, aerobics and strength, core stability exercises, a cool-down and stretching and relaxation. This class is a great way to challenge your fitness.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is very calming and is often described as relaxation in action. This is a gentle class in which participants work at their own level to improve fitness, flexibility, strength and balance.

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A fun, friendly way to get fit through dance with easy to follow moves set to music, leaving you feeling invigorated and full of energy. No experience is necessary.

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